Thankful Thursday...Emma Grace

Is it really Thursday already??

I was just looking at my calendar and realizing that there are only 17 days left before Christmas!  Oh my goodness!  Confession time...I have not even started Christmas shopping yet.  Yes, you heard me correctly!  Not one single item purchased as of today.  This makes my chest feel a bit of tightness as I take a deep breath to calm myself. For some odd reason, I just don't feel all caught up in the Christmas spirit this year.  We have our tree up and decorated beautifully but, sadly enough, nothing else is out besides for some Christmas kitchen towels.  If you know me at all, you may be thinking that this is very odd. It really is.  I usually have decorations all over my house and it is always cozy and festive.  My best explanation as I think about this, seems to be that since we moved, I have felt like nothing is where it should be or I go looking for something and can recall seeing it in our house in Ohio, or in this house, but before we moved.  Sound confusing?  It honestly is.  Most of our Christmas decor  sits waiting up in the rafters in the garage.  A task for my husband.  I just don't feel all that comfortable climbing on a ladder and hauling down big storage tubs of things. I can foresee an accident waiting to happen. Falling down the ladder, landing on the ground as a tub of decorations busts open and falls on top of me in a smattering of pieces. I don't just have a couple of tubs of decorations either.  I have been teased many times about all of the Christmas decorations that I own.  For example, that I had enough to decorate the entire cul-de-sac when we lived in Ohio. What can I say?  I really like the coziness and warmth of my home when I put little touches of holiday cheer sometimes even in the most unsuspected places. I have not given up whatsoever.  I still have time. Like I said...17 whole days yet. How is the holiday cheer coming in your home?  I am not comparing myself to anybody else by any means but, I secretly hope that I am not the only soul that is behind this season.  

It is Thankful Thursday after all!  Enough about my lack of holiday cheer and decorations in every room.  Keep the faith.  It will get done. Never lose the hope my dear friends. I certainly have not.  One of my biggest motivators to haul out every ounce of cheer is my daughter. And today, that is exactly what I am thankful for.  I am thankful for my incredible, 8 year plus 8 month old daughter, Emma Grace.  I realize fully that I make mention of my little, or not so little anymore, sweetie pie on a regular basis on this blog.  What I have not yet done, is featured her in one of my Thankful Thursday posts.  It has not been for my lack of thankfulness in any measure for this amazing young lady.  

I posted about being thankful to be a stay at home mom a couple months ago.  This  post was more about my role and love of being a SAHM.  Today, this post is about Emma and everything that she has brought to my life.  

Almost nine years ago, I was blessed with the birth of my daughter, who we named, Emma Grace.  She was born two weeks early but, was just perfect size and healthy.  Our prayers had been answered after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes and having preterm labor about five weeks before her birth.  I was watched ever so closely and considered high risk, as far a pregnancy goes.  April 19, 2003 was one of the best and life changing days of my life.  My life was no longer about myself.  I had a new life that I was responsible for caring about, loving and raising to the best of my ability.  
I very clearly remember driving home from the hospital and looking back at her riding in her car seat.  She looked like she was lost in it because she seemed so tiny.  Like many first time parents, I thought to myself, "Gosh, I hope I know how to do this." Guess what?  I did know how to do it.  

Emma was amazing from day one and it really hasn't changed.  She still continues to amaze me on a daily basis.  I was truly blessed in the deepest sense of the word.  She has always been a great sleeper, and still is.  She was a good eater, and still is, for the most part.  She was a very mellow baby.  She didn't cry often and was easily soothed when she did.  Ever since she was a couple days old, she went wherever I went.  She was my little partner.  I will say that it must have been because of my practice of exposing her to lots of different environments that she was comfortable just about anywhere.  I honestly cannot recall a time that she threw a screaming fit of any sorts when we were out.  I told you that I was blessed!  She was such an easy baby and that was a perfect match for me.  

As Emma grew older, it was so much fun watching her learn new things and see her unique personality come out and develop.  At first, she would sometimes be somewhat shy or timid around people she didn't know particularly well.  I could completely relate to this because, I was shy for most of my life until I was probably 20 years old.  I knew how hard it was to possess that trait.  She started preschool one day a week when she was two and a half because I wanted her to be able to socialize and be around other children since she is an only child.  This was a wonderful choice for her.  It allowed her to be better prepared for the next two years of preschool.  This is when her personality really flourished.  She became such a caring, loving, considerate little girl. Each year that she grew older, I could see her sweetness radiate from her.  There has never been one single day that I have not been so very proud of her.  She has constantly proved that she knows right from wrong.  She is always sensitive to others feelings.  Its crazy sometimes because there are times that she acts or does things that are exactly like me. We are both the sensitive type. That is not to say that she is not a carbon copy of her daddy in other ways.  

I will spare you every single detail of my little lady's life and speed ahead to the present.  Emma has been extremely resilient.  Having to move to Ohio and leave her friends behind and start a new school where she knew not a single soul, was likely the hardest thing that she has encountered in her life.  She handled it with such a great attitude and made friends with everyone quickly.  I know that I have said it before but, she adjusted to that move much easier than I did as an adult.  Speed ahead and her positiveness and resilience proved amazing again as we moved back to Michigan nine short months later. Honestly, neither one of us were excited about it.  We packed up our lives again and left our great friends and neighbors to somewhat start our life over again.  These transitions, without a doubt, made her a stronger and more confident girl.  She can always find the positives in any situation thrown her way.  Witnessing this, taught me that I, too, could do the same.  

Emma makes me smile every single day of my life.  She brings happiness when I don't think happiness can be found.  She makes me laugh.  We can laugh and giggle about the silliest things sometimes. She has this ability to say the right things at the right times.  If she ever senses that something is wrong with me, or that I am sad or upset, she takes the time to listen and offer a hug and a, "I love you mommy.  You are the best mommy ever."  She loves to snuggle too. Oh, how I love this.  Sometimes its just to read a book, share about our day,or watch her favorite TV show or movie.  And other times, it is just to be close.  Nothing needs to be said at all.  She often leaves notes for me when I least expect it.  It is crazy how she always senses exactly what I need at exactly the right time.  

My life has not been the same since she was brought into my life on the day she was born.  I never knew such love until I had Emma.  It has been truly an incredible and amazing almost nine  years.  I wish it would slow down because it is certainly going way too fast for my comfort.  I love every moment that we share together.  I hope that we always remain close.  I am fully aware that we have not yet reached the teenage years and I am just crossing my fingers that we weather them without too many challenges.  For now, I will remain thankful for each moment and cherish every possible memory that I can.  I will hold every cuddle, hug and sweet word that we share between us dear to my heart.  
Emma Grace, I love you more every second of every day.  I love you to the moon and back and beyond.  You have brought more happiness and love to my life than I ever dreamed possible.  I am so proud of the girl that you have become.  You are sweet, kind, loving, funny, caring, smart, determined and the list could go on and on.  I am more thankful for you each and every day.  Believe in yourself, dream big and anything will be possible. I love you my sweet girl.

What are you thankful for on this Thankful Thursday?


Cindy Bultema said…
What a special tribute to Emma. You are both beautiful ~ inside and out. :)
Love to you
Cindy :)

P.S. If it makes you feel better, we finally broke down and bought a tree at Lowe's today. It's still not decorated. Ugh.
KLKLeo4 said…
This was so sweet, Jen. I decided to look at your blog today because I realized it has been so long since I've checked it! I've enjoyed reading the posts I fell behind on. It's always good to catch up with a great friend, even if it's through a computer :) Hope to see you soon -- we should plan a get-together over the holidays! Love, K

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