Life is Short in a World of Busyness


I have not posted to my blog in over a year!  Where do I even begin?! So many things always running through my mind as I have wanted to write so many times in the last year.  Unfortunately, once again, life got in the way and I put my writing on the back burner.  My friends, I can't tell you how much I have missed writing posts about life in general.  So many changes around here in the last year.  

Honestly, I could tell you that I have been too busy to write, which is true to a degree.  How truly busy are we in our lives?  Too busy to make time for our passions and things that we enjoy and make us happy?  I have recently stumbled upon articles about how the world that we live in today, basically has trained us that we must constantly be busy.  When you ask someone you haven't seen in awhile, how they are doing or what they have been up to, so often, the response is…"Busy". I am certain that you have likely spoken to someone this very week and received that response.  Is all of this busyness making us happy and fulfilled?  I often wonder myself.  I have always been one that enjoys having a plan for each day.  I am a planner by default.  If I don't have a plan or it doesn't go as I have planned, I get anxious.  I like being busy to an extent.  I am trying hard at relaxing when my schedule has hiccups.  It is always going to happen and that is okay.  I must adjust and go with Plan B. And if that doesn't work, Plan C and so on.  It is all in how we choose to look at the situation that determines how we will handle it.  

Do you love the busyness of your life?  If not, what changes could you make to slow things down and be able to enjoy the things that you may be neglecting simply for the fact of being "too busy"?

This morning, I was reading a blog of a woman who recently lost her battle with breast cancer.  I watched a video clip that was a documentary of her and family and her cancer.  I cried.  This woman was the very same age that I am.  She fought cancer for the last two years.  She had a husband and four children.  It made me stop and think for a few minutes.  I have felt like I have been climbing an uphill battle in my life for many months and some days feel like I am drowning.  I get up every single day and pray for a better day.  Emma has been sick more than she has been healthy this school year and I worry about her daily.  She has had pneumonia, sinus infection, strep throat and nasty viruses.  It has been heartbreaking to see my girlie so unhealthy.  She is having her tonsils removed over spring break.  It won't be quite the same as a beach vacation but, its the answer to getting her healthy.  Days and weeks of trying to nurse my sweet girl to health often left me feeling helpless as I couldn't make her better no matter how hard I tried.  This single parenting stuff is tough sometimes.  As I write this today, Emma is feeling healthy and is at school.  Praise the Lord.  My point in sharing this is that as I have had many days where I have cried at home trying to make my daughter feel better, almost weekly visits to the doctor, I am forever grateful that I was able to take care of her.  We had days and days that we wouldn't even leave the house because she was too ill.  When she finally got healthy, I fell ill with a virus and double pinkeye. As I may have been feeling defeated lately, after seeing this woman who fought hard for two years and lose the battle to cancer, I was, painstakingly, reminded that life is going to be really tough sometimes and the things that I have been fighting and struggling with seem so minuscule now. My dad just reminded me the other day not to let things get me down and that I will get through this.  He said, "Life is just a test with many hurdles. They make us stronger."  Wise words.  

I feel that I have preached this before…Life is too short.  It is so very important to live in the moment.  Try not to get ahead of yourself and plan every detail out for months, days, and years to come.  If you are feeling lost in a world of busyness, try to make some changes that will help you to enjoy the things that you love and enjoy and bring you happiness.  We all have the same 24 hours in each day.  I know, for a fact, that I have let some things that I am most passionate about, slip down my priority ladder because my daughter is my number one and she needed me. When she is healthy and the weather is nice, you better bet that I will be pounding the pavement and logging lots of miles running. I will be the first to tell you that I am not at all good at doing things for myself or taking time for myself.  My boyfriend is always telling me that I need to do more for myself.  It just isn't in me.  I am truly a work in process.  I get more joy in doing for others than for myself.  

This week, I encourage you to slow down and enjoy the moments.  Enjoy the ones you love.  Allow yourself to be fully engaged in conversations and try to eliminate some of the distractions.  Be fully present.  Smile at strangers. Think positive. Hug as tight as you can and be the last to let go.  Laugh from your belly. Be silly. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you.  

Have a wonderful week!  


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