Thankful Thursday…My Gracie

Well, hello spring!  

It appears that I survived the countdown to spring!  Today is officially the first day of spring. Hard to believe, right?  If you live in Michigan, you can completely relate to what I am saying.  We woke up to a dusting of fresh snow this morning!  After the never-ending winter that we've had, I, honestly, didn't have high hopes for an early and warm spring.  I was only dreaming about it. Every winter, a little piece of me thinks that I should be living in a more southern part of the country.  I am not a fan of the cold.  I would be perfectly happy if we just had a little bit of snow around Christmas and then when January hits, I would happily welcome spring.  Wishful thinking!! I am smart enough to know that if I want a change, I will need to move to a milder climate.  Maybe someday.  

It just so happens to be Thankful Thursday again today. Today, this very first day of spring, I am thankful for my wonderful girl, known as my  daughter, Emma.  You may be thinking that I wrote a post about her once before, and you would be absolutely correct on that.  I wrote it a couple of years ago and you can find it here.  Emma is such a huge part of my life and she amazes me every single day.  I thought she deserved another post.  I mentioned to her before she went to school this morning, that I may write about her and she told me that I didn't have to write about her. So selfless for an almost 11 year old.  She suggested I write something about finally seeing some grass and spring arriving. She is even tired of winter! She cracks me up.

I am thankful for Emma, not only  today, but, every second of my life.  Admittedly, on a daily basis, I have a moment, or maybe several, in which I sit back and think to myself…

How did I manage to get so lucky and so blessed to have this amazing girl to call my own? 

What did I do to deserve such a caring and loving little human to take care of and raise to be someone who is ready to face the world with all she's got?  

All I do know, is that I feel like the luckiest mom alive.  I hit the jackpot.  This girl is priceless.

Emma is, and always has been, one of the most positive people that I know.  She has kept this positivity about her even throughout some of the toughest times of her life.  When we moved to Ohio for nine short months, she most definitely kept a good attitude at times when even I was struggling to do so myself.  Although, I try to be a positive person myself, I have learned from her on many occasions.  To be truthful, as positive as I strive to be, I most certainly have experienced times in which I wasn't sure I could dig myself out of such despair to find anything positive.  Emma always has had this keen sense of what people need.  When I am speaking of needs, I am referring to things like, a hug, a shoulder rub or a few kind encouraging words, a silly joke, a little note or handmade picture….something to cheer the person up and brighten their mood.  She can always make you forget whatever may be bothering you, even if just temporarily, and make you smile.  I love this about her.

Emma takes whatever is thrown at her in life, in stride.  She handled the divorce between her dad and I better than I could ever imagine anyone of any age to handle it.  Again, she was my saving Grace.  We were very close before that all happened but, we grew so much closer as we dealt with the changes and made a new life for ourselves.  She has always been so open with talking to me about anything at all.  This, I believe, has benefited her in so many ways.  I have always taught her not to hold things in (I try not, but at times I am guilty of doing this myself) because they will just cause her hurt and sadness that will eat her up inside.  Been there, done that.  I only teach from experience.  I have always told her that no feelings are ever wrong.  Feelings belong to the individual and no one can tell you that it's right or wrong to feel the way that you do.  

Emma is resilient.  It breaks my heart that she must travel back and forth to Indiana three weekends a month to see her dad.  It is so important for her to build a good relationship with her dad.  She certainly didn't choose this for her life but, she makes the best she can out of the situation.  She makes many sacrifices without complaint.  She will always assure that everyone else is happy before herself.  This is something that I do, myself.  It's tough sometimes but, also hard to change. We are who we are. I am trying to teach her that she can't always worry about everyone else's happiness and that sometimes she needs to just do what makes her happy. This is an easier lesson to learn while she is young.  

Speaking of happy.  This girl has been known to wake up dancing and singing while getting ready for school.  Does this happen everyday?  Of course not!  As a whole, she is happy.  She doesn't let things get her down.  She doesn't get angry.  She is able to forgive and forget.  She never holds on to things or holds grudges.  Happiness is her normal.  I love this about her too!  Who doesn't love to be around someone that is happy and smiling and grateful for the day and all that it holds?  I, my friends, am the lucky one that gets to live with this sunshine and her happiness and smiles!  I don't mean to make anyone jealous but, this is amazing to wake up to and end the day with as well.  I am a lucky mom!

Funny would be a great understatement when describing Emma.  This girl doesn't need to try to be funny.  It is completely natural!  We laugh every single day.  Sometimes we just talk stupid stuff or make up silly words to songs we like and look at each other and just crack up!  Laughter is a normal occurrence around our home.  If I am not laughing on a particular day, she will think something is wrong and bothering me.  Again…. her crazy keen senses!  This girl knows me all too well.  

Emma is about as selfless as they come.  She would rather do for others than for herself.  She was never a kid to "want" all the time.  She still isn't.  In fact, at Christmastime, she really wanted to collect donated gifts at her school so that she could give them to kids that may not have anything for the holiday.  Unfortunately, we didn't coordinate with the school soon enough and were unable to do it but, next year we will get an early start so that she can give kids who are less fortunate, a nice holiday surprise.  I recall so clearly when she brought this idea to me that she said, " Mom, all I want for Christmas this year is to give to kids less fortunate and be able to see the joy in their faces."  I believe my eyes filled with tears.  It's times like this that make me believe that I must be doing something right when teaching her about life and raising her the best that I know how.

A friend to everyone.  Since Emma was just a toddler, she has been able to play with and be friends with anyone of any gender, race or whatever.  She, to this day, puts no judgement on anyone.  Love this!!  In a world that is so ridiculously judgmental on so many aspects, this is a fabulous trait she has.  She doesn't let anyone persuade her otherwise.  In her eyes, everyone is equal.  It doesn't matter to her what you wear or what kind of house you live in or car you drive.  She likes you for you.  Simple as that.  She will stick up for others in a heartbeat.  She likes to build people up rather than what so many seem to do, knock them down.  Sometimes, I must remind myself that she is only just shy of eleven years old.  This young lady, is often wise beyond her years.  She is still so very much a kid but, holds qualities that some won't learn until later in life and possibly even never learn at all.  

I am not trying to brag about my sweetie.  I simply want to share with you all about how blessed that I am to wake up each day and see a girl, my daughter, and her smiling, positive outlook on life.  It is so much fun to see her blossom throughout the years.  In one breath, I wish I could freeze time so that she wouldn't grow up but, in the next breath, she brings so much joy to my life and watching her grow is an incredible experience that I will forever cherish.  

Emma Grace, I am truly blessed to be called your mom.  You make me proud every single day.  You bring so much love, joy, laughter and sometimes even tears to my life. I love all of it. I cherish all of the memories that we have created together. I could not ask for a better daughter.  In my eyes, you are absolutely perfect.  I thank you for all of the things you have taught me.  I have become a better person and better mom because of you.  You rock!  Keep your positive thinking and your caring heart and you can achieve anything you set your mind to achieving.  I believe in you and always will.  I will always be here for you for anything you need. Thanks so much for being you.  I love you so very much. I love you to the moon and back and then some.  Always remember that.  XOXO

What makes you thankful on this Thankful Thursday?


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